User agreement

I Introduction and definitions

§ 1

This User Agreement defines forms of utilizing internet software, specifically rights and obligations of BoxHouse registered Users.

§ 2

This User Agreement contains following concepts:
1) User Agreement - shall be understood to mean this agreement specifying in particular conditions of participation in, rights and obligations of BoxHouse and its Users tied to providing services electronically over internet, conditions of providing these services, personal data protection and scope of responsibility associated with providing mentioned services on the part of BoxHouse,
2) BoxHouse - shall be understood to mean a company under the name of BoxHouse Sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw, Poland (postal code 00-845) registered at ul. Łucka 20 lok.15L, registered under Legal Register of Companies (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy) under jurisdiction of Regional Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw (Sąd Rejonowy dla Warszawy w Warszawie), XIII Economic Department (XIII Wydział Gospodarczy) no. KRS 0000415020, REGON 146055249, NIP 5361910795, with funding capital of 5000 PLN (five thousand polish zloty),
3) - shall be understood to mean internet service available under web naddress The sole owner of software and domain is BoxHouse,
4) User - shall be understood to mean person or legal person, who through acceptance of User Agreement and registering membership gains access to services offered by BoxHouse within,
5) Profile - shall be understood to mean virtual space in, where Users personal information is stored including personal information stored under conditions of present User Agreement with annexes,
6) Account - shall be understood to mean an existing database registry within, confirming fact of Users existence, from which derive: access to services after defining username (email) and password, possibility of modifying User data, settings, concluding agreements with other Users, settling payments etc.
7) Administrator - shall be understood to mean a person or persons selected by BoxHouse and responsible for administration, in particular technical support for Users and ensuring proper use of with accordance to User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

§3 is a web application allowing Users to calculate income and cost from rentals, calculate taxes, settle payments from tenants, conclude rental agreements, communicate, post rental ads and exchange other information associated with property rental process.


BoxHouse claims sole ownership and copyright to

II Concluding and termination of contracts on providing services electronically

§ 4

As to become User one needs to be a person of legal age or legal entity.

§ 4a

Legal entity can become a User only under following conditions:

1) having full legal capacity or

2) obtaining approval from legal representative when having constrained legal capacity

§ 5

1. When registering account User consents to all rules of those very same Terms and Conditions and agrees to abide by them.

2. In the case of withdrawal of consent to any rules stated in Terms and Conditions User is obliged to remove Account instantly or notify Administrators of the consent withdrawal.

§ 6

1. The contract for providing services electronically over internet shall be concluded from the start of usage of provided by BoxHouse services (within Sending completed registration form indicates the start of services usage. Services are provided only to registered Users after a successful logging into Account.

2. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time.

3. Either party may terminate the contract for providing services electronically over internet instantly and without giving any specific justification.

4. BoxHouse terminates the contract by deleting the User Account by the Administrators.

5. User terminates the Contract by:

1) self-deleting Account or

2) by sending Account removal request to Administrators.

6. In case of obtainment of the Account removal request by Administrators, Account cancelation takes 72 hours in accordance with Paragraph 6, Passage 5, Item no. 2.

§ 6a

BoxHouse reserves the right to remove Account of a User, whose actions are recognized as harmful to

§ 7

1. Access to the basic package of services is free of charge, in particular, there is no fee for registering.

2. Access to expanded package of services is chargeable in accordance with the pricelist published on

3. BoxHouse reserves the right to charge for any kind of services provided within BoxHouse is obligated to inform Users about these changes in advance.

4. User can not be charged for the payed services without his previous consent.

§ 8

BoxHouse reserves the right to modify any services, tools and functional mode of, including removal of all information stored in database, shutdown, transfer the rights to and undertaking all permitted by the law actions related to the service. The user is not entitled to any claims towards BoxHouse concerning above-mentioned actions.

§ 8a

User grants the right to BoxHouse to display commercial offers and also (with User consent) to send offers and advertisement to his mailbox.

§ 9 is a closed formula – collected User personal data and his immovables data are classified, given to the public only after publication of advertisements on BoxHouse advertising sites and external entities.

§ 10

To use BoxHouse free services within, it is necessary to register an Account. Account registration means filling out the registration form with compulsory data, verification of an e-mail account and going through and accepting those very same Terms and Conditions.

§ 10a is compatible with the most popular web browsers in their current versions. BoxHouse does not guarantee proper application performance of browsers versions older than 6 months.

§ 11

Services as defined in § 3 are provided by:

1) giving User the possibility of defining real estates in the system along with their descriptions and parameters,

2) enabling User to conclude rental contracts,

3) enabling User to settle accounts related to rental and real estate maintenance,

4) allowing User to create a contacts list through the option of inviting and receiving invitations from other Users.

III Registration and the Account

§ 12

Registration involves filling out a form available at

§ 13

It is obligatory to fill out the following information: name and surname, phone number, e-mail address and password as well as the home address. Data should be entered in the profile fields intended for this purpose. Fields can contain only the data for which they are intended. With deletion of any of this data, User loses possibility to use the service.

§ 14

User is obliged to update his profile data.

§ 15

In case of incorrect or outdated data application, Administrators have the right to:

1) request the User to remove instantly the incorrectness,

2) block User Account to clarify the matter,

3) delete User Account within the formula specified in Paragraph 6, Passage 3 and 4.

§ 16

If a reasonable doubt occurs concerning the authenticity of the data entered by User, Administrators can demand introducing relevant documents confirming the data.

§ 17

The processing of User personal data contained in the registration form and the shared profile data is happening with User consent granted when registering in BoxHouse processes User data in accordance with Privacy Protection Policy, asset out in Annex 1 and in accordance with the Act from August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data (unified text: Journal of Laws from 2002 No. 101, item. 926, as amended) and the Act from July 18, 2002 on providing services electronically over internet (Journal of Laws No.144, item. 1204, as amended).

§ 18

The execution of the registration procedure in, which results in the Account establishment, it is possible for the User who:

1) ensures and declares of having studied and approved the whole content of these very same Terms and Conditions,

2) consents to the processing of personal data in accordance with Privacy Protection Policy,

3) confirms the authenticity of the data provided in the registration form,

4) agrees to receive at the indicated in the registration form email address system messages, including notifications about new messages and invitations in inbox, technical breaks in functioning, changes in the Regulations and new functionalities.

§ 19

It is not allowed to have more than one Account.

§ 20

It is forbidden to share one’s Account to others.

§ 21

It is forbidden to use Accounts of other Users.

IV Personal data and Privacy Policy

§ 22

BoxHouse Sp. z o.o. based in 00-845 Warsaw at Łucka 20 lok. 15L street is the Administrator of the data collected from the users. BoxHouse is processing data only to the extent which is necessary to make connections, alternations, configurate data, terminate contract and proper electronic services realisation. With User consent BoxHouse is processing data to broader than obligatory extent when registering as a new User. Data shared by User is processed for the purposes of the usage of the services offered by the BoxHouse website, including the rental process. Additionally, with User consent his data may be processed by BoxHouse for statistical and marketing purposes. Data can be shared only with authorities empowered to access the data on the grounds of the adequate law regulations.

§ 23

BoxHouse processes personal data in accordance with the binding law regulations, mainly concerning proper data securing, on terms set forth in Privacy Protection Policy - Appendix 1 to these very same Terms and Conditions.

V The usage of BoxHouse services provided within

§ 24

Activities that could obstruct or destabilize functioning are strictly forbidden. When such activities are to be detected by Administrators, such User Account is instantly deleted . User activities considered as attempts to destabilize the service can also be considered an offence according to the penal code.

§ 25

In particular, User is obliged to:

1) refrain from any action which may obstruct or disrupt functioning of and invasive to other Users manner of usage,

2) abide by copyrights and the rights tied to registration of inventions, patents, trademarks, applied and industrial patterns of others,

3) refrain from any acts violating other Users privacy, in particular - collection, processing and dissemination of other Users data without their granted permission, unless it is permitted either by law or these very same Terms and Conditions.

§ 26

It is prohibited to publish on and spread through it:

1) software under the rights of other individuals - without proper authorization,

2) software intended for unauthorized destruction, alteration, deletion, damage, obstruction of access to IT data, severe disturbance or even blocking automatic processing, storage and transmission of such data, disruption of systems and networks functioning,

3) computer passwords, access codes or other data enabling unauthorized access to data stored in a computer system or network.

§ 27

Publishing on BoxHouse content which can be recognized as illegal, offensive, inaccurate, inconsistent with binding law in Poland, propagating violence, morally reprehensible or violating universally acknowledged morals is strictly prohibited. Accounts with such content may be removed by Administrators.

§ 28

User can post only pictures of himself or his graphic symbol. User consents to the public dissemination and sharing his own image, which is stated by him on It is forbidden to post photos of other individuals without their consent. Retouching photographs is permitted due to digital format characteristics only when it concerns global corrections that improve the quality (eg. saturation, contrast). It is not permitted to use selective treatments in order to add or subtract elements and to combine several photos or change its original composition. It is also forbidden to post pornographic pictures or those violating professional character of Administrators can remove pictures recognized by them as inappropriate without any warning and notification. Persistent posting of inappropriate images will result in removal of the User Account.

§ 29

BoxHouse reserves the right to modify or remove profiles containing content considered as inconsistent with these very same Terms and Conditions or which has a negative impact on image of

§ 30

User has the right to block the possibility of sending him private messages and invitations by other Users, excluding Administrators.

§ 31

It is forbidden to use services to send private messages advertising goods, services, commercial web sites or other content considered as spam.

§ 32

1. Messages and invitations from User considered for the first time as a spammer by the anti-spam system will be automatically directed to the "spam" catalogue for 7 days from such indication.

2. Every next indication of being a spammer will result in prolongation of the restriction stated in Paragraph 1 for additional 7 days.

3. Sending Spam recognized as disruptive to other Users will result in Account removal.

§ 33

User is obliged to study Help content before reporting problems or asking questions.

VI Copyrights

§ 41

User by posting data, images, materials or statements on agrees that other Users can use this content for their personal use and for conducting recruitment and promotional on

§ 42

User is entitled to the use of data, images, materials or statements which are considered as “a work” within the meaning of the Act of February 4, 1994 on Copyright and related rights (Journal of Laws 1994, No. 24, item. 83, as amended), and those posted on, for the Users personal use, which are not considered as “a work” within the meaning of the mentioned Act. Usage of any of this data, materials or statements to the another extent than permitted is possible only with the consent of the entitled person or under the binding law or these very same Terms and Conditions.

§ 43

User publishing on content that can be considered as an author’s work relinguishes of any claims against BoxHouse (including removal of these content from concerning free use of that content.

§ 44

User grants BoxHouse the right of free use and sharing, within presentations and other materials, data or statements posted by him and presented as part of a wider context (eg. visualization of the contact list or forum discussion depicted by an existing data).

VII Responsibility

§ 45

BoxHouse is not responsible for the content, materials, information and its form published on by Users.

§ 46

BoxHouse is not responsible for the private messages content sent by Users. User who sends messages containing content that violates the law or goods of others protected by the law, may bear civil or criminal responsibility.

§ 47

User is fully responsible for breaking the law and for the damage resulting from his activities within, in particular: giving false information, disclosure of professional secrecy or other confidential information, violation of personal rights, copyrights and related rights.

§ 48

BoxHouse clearly stipulates that the use of and services provided happens at the sole risk of User. All of the information and materials, as well as delivered within products and services are not covered by the guarantee based on their value, usefulness, completeness or utility.

§ 49

1. BoxHouse is not responsible for physical and legal defects of products offered for free and the proper quality of free goods and services. Moreover, BoxHouse is not responsible for the consequences of nonfulfillment or improper performance of commitments contracted by anyone through and the capacity of those individuals to contract any kind of commitments.

2. Responsibility of BoxHouse for the proper payed goods and services quality is defined by specific rules which form the basis of payed provisions.

§ 50

BoxHouse does not give any guarantee of proper functioning, partially or in the whole.

§ 50a

In the event of receiving by BoxHouse official notification about the illegal character of storing data provided by User and preventing User from accessing these data, BoxHouse will not be responsible towards User for any damage resulting from preventing access to these data.

§ 51

BoxHouse is not responsible for any damages resulting from errors, breakdowns and interruptions in the functioning of

VIII Complaints

§ 52

Disturbance in the functioning of, problems and suggestions related to the services provided within the may be lodged by User by reporting to the BoxHouse Help Profile.

§ 53

A complaint will be considered by the BoxHouse within a period not exceeding 14 days from the date of filing the complaint. BoxHouse reserves the right to leave the complaint without considering if it will arise from ignorance of these very same Terms and Conditions and its Annexes or the binding law. In particular, BoxHouse does not recognize claims concerning the matters described in the Help panel.

§ 54

BoxHouse reserves the right to intervene in the User Account in order to remove disturbance or a problem in the Account or the Account or website functioning.

§ 55

Complaints lodged to BoxHouse relating to the services provided by third parties through will not be considered. BoxHouse is not obliged to pass the complaint to the entitled entity, responsible for the execution of the complaint.

IX Temporary and Final Terms and Conditions

§ 56

BoxHouse reserves the right to make unilateral alterations of Terms and Conditions without justifying.

§ 57

1. BoxHouse is obliged to notify electronically about a significant alterations in these very same Terms and Conditions only those Users who are concerned directly.

2. User is responsible for providing an inaccessible email address and in particular for the incorrect address or one belonging to another individual, and for the consequences of the fact of not receiving such notification, stated in passage 1.

3. User bears the risk of not receiving the notification referred to in passage 1, for the reasons beyond the control of BoxHouse.

§ 58

In the case of alterations to these very same Terms and Conditions, User when logging in will be displayed with a list of the most important alterations. User is obliged to read the newest version of Terms and Conditions. Clicking on the formula "I hereby declare that I have read the newest version of Terms and Conditions and that I understand and accept it in its entirety." means the expression of the will to remain in a contractual relationship with BoxHouse under the conditions stated in the newest version of Terms and Conditions.

§ 59

1. These very same Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on April 9, 2014. 

2. Paragraph 58 shall be applied with the exception of the sentence: "In the case of alterations to these very same Terms and Conditions, User when logging in will be displayed with a list of the most important alterations.".